Case Studies

Nicole Martin

Nicole like many other children with NF1 had a very lonely and isolated childhood. She had no real friends and was often left on her own. It didn’t help that she was in and out of hospital almost more than she was in school and with learning difficulties she was seen as different. It was heartbreaking, this was on top of struggling with the medical side of a large tumour causing her immense pain and mobility issues.

When Nicole was 14 she found a camp for children with NF in America, this camp was run by the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Nicole wanted to go, so in July 2011 she flew out to Salt Lake City. Nicole found she was the only Brit in the camp and for the first time she felt like she belonged and found her British accent made her rather popular, a far cry from her life back at school in the UK. Because of her new found confidence, self belief and self esteem that she came back with after camp the Childhood Tumour Trust (CTT) was formed so that other children in the UK could benefit as Nicole did in America. Last year we had our very first camper come over from the USA to attend our UK camp!Nicole is now studying Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University after being told at school she would never get anywhere.