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A college of children with Neuro fibrosis not letting it get them downWhen your child is diagnosed with an incurable medical condition; your entire world is turned upside down! As a parent/carer you leave the hospital/doctors with your head in a whirl.

Having a child who is diagnosed with any medical condition is hard to understand and deal with, but when your child has a diagnosis that very few people have heard of (including a lot of medical professionals) or can even pronounce seems to make it harder to take in and try to begin to understand.

Those who are diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF1) and their families are left googling what it means, there are few support groups and little support outside the specialists who know what NF is.

Childhood Tumour Trust let you know you are not alone. We encourage families to meet and just talk about everything you need to talk about, with people who understand and can relate to the endless appointments, treatments and how you feel. We aim to link people together not just in the UK but all over the world.

We want to organise special days out by providing tickets to various attractions around the country so families can spend a day together away from hospital appointments and day to day living with the condition.

We are delighted that we are continuing our Dealing with Diagnosis Workshops for parents/carers at whatever stage they are on their NF journey, be it 1 week or 7 years you are all welcome to sign up for our free workshops run by Rare Minds. You will need to join our support group on Facebook to be able to join.

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Encouraging talks in clubs, schools and groups etc.
Liaising with Medical Professionals
Funding Research

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