Many young people with Neurofibromatosis have never met anyone else with the same condition
Many have few friends and have never been invited for a sleepover
Many have never been away from their parents
CAMPS offer these young people the chance to feel the same as anyone else
  • They can swim in a pool without people staring
  • They can make friends who understand what they go through
  • They can try sports and activities without feeling self-conscious
CAMPS enable children to:
  • Have fun
  • Learn to believe in themselves
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Make life-long friends
  • Experience independence by staying away from home on their own, and for the older ones, by travelling and meeting new people half-way around the world.


UK Camp


Our UK camp is currently provided by PGL, a leading UK adventure activity specialist. Children aged 12 to 17 enjoy a residential adventure experience at PGL , where they can take part in a variety of activities on land and water. Each activity is designed to include everyone, build confidence and allow children to experience success with the support of their friends. We try to include a mix of activities to suit all and nobody will ever feel pushed to do anything they are not comfortable with. PGL will go to every length to accommodate individual disabilities within each activity session so that everyone has the chance to tackle each new challenge with the best support. All we ask is that the children have fun and support and encourage others.

As well as a dedicated leader and fully experienced staff at PGL any volunteers we have are fully CRB checked. We will also have 24 hour medical cover of our own and we try to get an NF specialist to come to the camp to have a question/answer session with the children.

For details of our next camp please email [email protected]