For families

CTT brings people together through events which we organise for the children and also for the families too!

We run events such as Build a Bear workshops, which are all about making magical memories, forgetting everyday life for an hour or so, but most importantly having fun and making new friendships along the way, whether that is a cuddly teddy bear, a real friend for life or just simply both. Youngsters with NF1 from a few months old to early adulthood all join in together.

Twice a year we organise a special day for the whole family to enjoy where siblings can meet other siblings and parents can also meet other parents. For many this is very special as it is sometimes the only opportunity they will get to go to a theme park as a family due to the cost. These days are also an important time for the children who have been to our camp. It means that they are able to meet up with their friends and abandon the rest of their family to spend time together and catch up. This can mean it becomes less of a family day out for some, but as many of these children find friendships hard, their parents are more than happy to see their children away doing what they wish they would do more often.

Our days out are to Alton Towers Theme Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

Chessington is perfect for those who don’t like theme parks as there is also a zoo and a Sealife Centre located within the park too. The most important part of the day is when all the families come together for lunch. This provides the opportunity for families to relax and share their experiences with other families and vice versa. It is also a time where friendships between one family and another family are formed. We also provide t-shirts, or lanyards, for all the family to wear on the day. Everyone comments on how nice it is to see other families around the park wearing them, giving them a feeling that they are not alone and also an opportunity to say hello to each other and join in on a ride or two!

Many many important friendships are formed on days out like this……

CTT also run regular zoom sessions for children in Arts and Crafts, Cooking and Signing .These classes are invaluable for children, some of whom are home-schooled. They see other children joining in the classes who may face the same challenges in their daily lives as themselves. Some are even working towards qualifications in sign language.

We run regular online parties with Party Peeps | Kids Party Disco Entertainment Bristol ( for everyone to join in. As these are in the comfort of our young people’s houses they are in control and for those who have autism this makes a huge difference.

CTT also have an active youth programme for teens, young adults and children

Our private facebook group can also bring people together for support and advice.